Stages of Visualisation Process: 

Conceptual and Sketch Designs to 3D Models

Concept/Design to 3D Model

3D scenes can be created from 2d drawings or 3d models (Revit, Sketchup, etc.). Send files through for quotes. 

3D Cameras and Views


Virtual cameras are created in the scene to allow different viewpoints of a design to be rendered.

Lighting in3D Renderings


Light studies are rendered to show sun angles at different times of day and the aesthetic impact and functional effect of the interplay between form and light.

3D Texturing and Materials

Materials and Textures

Materials and finishes are developed and applied to model.

3D Architectural and Interior Rendering


Images rendered for target format: e.g. print, billboard, brochures, animation, VR, etc. 

3D Rendering Post-Processing and Photoshop


Exposure and post-processing effects applied to rendered images.